Change Logon Screen Saver

This video will show you how to change logon screen saver, that is displayed when no user is logged on to your computer, to your own selected logon screen saver. You may want to change the screen saver to one that displays faster and shows your Company logo .After you log in and configure Change Logon Screen Saver , your own selected logon screen saver will launch, at the next startup. You can also adjust the idle time duration after which the logon screen saver will be activated. This AddOn utility of MurGeeMon software is available at . Download and install MurGeeMon. Click the MurGeeMon AddOn utility Change Logon Screen Saver. Select a screen saver from the list. In the video, Starfield Screen Saver has been selected as the Logon Screen Saver. Note however that all screen savers may not work as Logon Screen savers. Try each out. Thereafter type in the Idle Duration in seconds. Log off now and watch the selected screen saver displayed at the next startup. It will