Catching a cockroach goes wrong !! (FREAKING FUNNY)

Posted by Sina-Jahadi-666 on Apr. 14, 2011

a huge roach jumps on me while filming it i almost got an heart attack ! i just wanted to record how big it was and ... , the thing is that nothing scares me as much as cockroaches . i cant even look at it . i have another video showing my grandfather (at first) finally catching it translate to english - -you saw it ? sh*t f**k me with a napkin ??!! aaaahhhahhhh .. aah !!!! what the .......... FFF**K ! my mom - - where is it ? (she knew my grand was catching the cockroach) me - i swear it got on me ! my mom - -i think it didnt come out me - -f**k it went .... went to my room . -who the f**k would catch a this huge cockroach with a napkin ?!! my mom - -you spoused to use a flapper FIRST FROM MY CHANNEL (SINAFILMS) PLEASE LINK MY CHANNEL IF WANT TO RE UPLOAD IT)

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