Cat Smiles When Brushed! Funny Cat Loves Being Groomed

Posted by bristalron on Jan. 16, 2012

My Funny Cats Smiling When I Brush My Cat On Top Of Her Head. That Is A Cat Smile You See On My Cats Face When I Brush My Cat On Her Beautiful Head. This funny cats zola my cat as seen on cat pictures and cat videos via my funny cats website www.Zolas.Info With Funny Cat Pictures and videos of my cat eating, my cat grooming and me grooming my funny cat zola the beautiful tabby cat seen on videos talking. This cats talking on videos via her cat pages. Real talking cat says mama, dada, i love you, help me, and more words than most babies. Grin Some cats love to be brushed while other cats hate being brushed. I make it more like giving cat love or loving on my cat to make my cat love grooming time with cat brushes. My cat makes a face that shows cats do smile!

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