Casting Couch: Hollywood Behind The Scene Stories of Giving of S

Enter the Adam and Eve Coupon Code HANS to enjoy 50% OFF at the checkout. Order today to get FREE Shipping, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Hot DVD’s. The Casting Couch Professor Puppet and Sasha Snow discuss about the casting couch situation in Hollywood. Sasha is an aspiring actress who’s trying to get her way through stardom. Everyone knows that it’s hard to achieve one’s dream of becoming a celebrity but it’s definitely even harder for women because it frequently happens that a producer would leave some subtle impression of a Quid pro quo “this for that” situation. Say, a producer would solicit some sexual favors in return of becoming a cast in a show. Sasha, in her experience, has a few to mention just like male producers would come up to her and would say something in a smooth connotative language but the meaning is still the same. In a form of straight forward language, it only means one thing and that is “I want to f*ck you”. So it’s like this, they’re just working it out in a p