Posted by IFCFilms on Aug. 13, 2009

Cass Pennant is a UK media sensation, a reformed football hooligan who was formerly the leader of England’s most feared football gang. Adopted into a white family in East End London, Cass learns from a young age to right racist taunts with his fists and develops a violent and abrasive mentality in an attempt to fain both respect and status. Through his aggression and brutality, Cass rises to become the head of the Inter City Firm, a notorious group of violent die-hard football fans. When a long running feud with a rival gang leaves him with three bullets in his chest, only Cass’s immense willpower ensures his survival. But he is then faced with a terrible dilemma: does he obey the code and seek revenge, or does he leave his violent ways behind now that he has been given a new chance at life?

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