Cartridgequest- The 8-Bit Adventure

Posted by Andrew-Burnell-694 on Feb. 20, 2013

Story- After receiving a mysterious NES cartridge in the mail entitled Pandoras Box, two normal gamers are thrown into a battle between the 8-bit world and their own. Armed with an arsenal of NES accessories, they must rescue the Princess and find the fabled Golden Cartridge to seal away the evil for good. So this is my first short film and my very first time working with special effects. I personally think it turned out better than I could of hoped for. Of course it isnt perfect and Ive learned alot since then (like how to shut auto iris off on my camera haha) so Im hoping the potential sequel will be a million times greater. Facebook- http-//www, http-// Tumblr- http-// http-// Twitter- http-//

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Tags mario, zelda, nes, video games, 8 bit, cartridgequest

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