Carnivorous Plant Flower Darlingtonia Califorica Carnviorous...

Posted by Volkan-G-r-490 on Jul. 03, 2013

Carnivorous Plant Flower Darlingtonia Califorica Carnviorous Pitcher Plant How to grow carnivorous plants. Tips and Tricks to Cobra Lily Care Darlingtonia Califorica Carnviorous Pitcher Plant. In the same family as the Venus Fly Trap, This Is a quick video with some basic care instructions that my be helpful to a Carnivorous plant grower. These guys winter outside in zone 8b and then get a jump on spring and move into the greenhouse come February. This gives them a longer growing season and warmer spring temps. Always put them in a tray of water like sarracenia pitcher plants but this water can NOT be aloud to warm up in the summer sun. I place them in the stream from my pond in warmer weather to cool the roots, which is where they stay for the summer.

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