Carmen Electras Naked Womens Wrestling League Star Gets Ink

Carmen Electras Naked Wrestling Womens League Star Trish The Dish Gets A Tattoo. There Is Also Some Cool Wrestling Footage In The Clip Along With Trishs First-Hand Account Of Genital Piercings. You would think that getting various rings would be bad for a nude wrestler, as they might present a very glaring weakness and point of attack for ones opponents to exploit, but perhaps Trish is just that hardcore. Either that, or you arent allowed to wear your vag ring while youre wrestling naked. That probably makes the most sense. I used to think that Naked Wrestling was something that many amateurs could compete in with little to no training, but this video clearly shows that is not the case: wrestling in the buff takes commitment and a very high pain tolerance, much more so than simple mud wrestling or even KY wrestling. Being nude automatically brings in a whole other element of mental and physical fortitude.