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Posted by OnlineVDS on Aug. 10, 2010 is NOT MLM, Get Rich Quick. Carbon Copy Pro also known as CCPRO. CarbonCopyPRO review here.Shaqir Hussyin is one of the top earners in CarbonCopyPro and has been awarded for the 10 For 10 elite mastermind.This is NOT Traditional Worn-Out Affiliate Marketing or some rehashed junk that everyone else is pitching.... An elite community of entrepreneurs...CarbonCopyPRO capitalized on the emergence of the Internet as not just a conduit of business, but a commodity in and of itself. Creating a membership based community of entrepreneurs that stands at the forefront of the industry in its technical proficiency, efficacy, structure and support mechanisms.CarbonCopyPRO provides an integrated education and instructional platform that facilitates members quickly and efficiently creating their own plug and play, Internet Marketing business. Eliminating traditional overhead, CarbonCopyPRO provides a fully staffed virtual office; communication tool

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