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Posted by TheCurseFrenchEd on Mar. 27, 2009

Cannes Market 2009 “The Curse (French Edition)” is available for viewing for 10 days in Cannes, May 13,2009 to May 22,2009 at the SFC. “The Curse (French Edition)” made in honor of the French American Canadian audience is at the Cannes Market-Short Film Corner 2009. ‘The Curse (French Edition)’ is a compilation of 9 French styled music videos with French subtitles; 1. The Curse (Canadian Edit) 2. Who Are You (Canadian Edit) 3. Come To Me (Canadian Edit) 4. The Curse (New York City Edit) 5. Who Are You (New York City Edit) 6. Come To Me (New York City Edit) 7. The Curse (Hollywood Edit) 8. Who Are You (Hollywood Edit) 9. Come To Me (Hollywood Edit) The above music videos produced, edited, directed, vocalized and animated by Omer Pasha are now at the Cannes Market-Short Film Corner 2009.The availability of the following videos at the Short Film Corner is between May 13,2009 to May 22,2009 followed by their exclusive premiere at the Palais Des Festivals building at the Cannes Film Festival ar...

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