Can I Clean Up My Lungs When I Stop Smoking

Posted by hassansyso on Sep. 24, 2011

Smoking over the years has left you with a feeling of a heavy chest, as your lungs have taken in excessive smoke toxins and harmful chemicals. Now that you are considering giving up smoking you are asking yourself the question, can I clean up my lungs when I stop smoking? The answer I am afraid may not be as straight forward as that. You see the damage you have done to your lungs, most probably is permanent. First of all the cilia (small hair like projections) which basically help to clear your lungs from impurities such as pollution, harmful toxins are destroyed. Now your lungs do not have the defense mechanism to get rid of harmful chemicals from your lungs. So that smoke filled cigarette you consume with many, many chemical toxins is now filled in your lungs.

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