BYPASS iCloud Activation Lock Screen iOS 7

Posted by davidklew on Feb. 09, 2014

Bypass iOS 7 Activation lock file http-// to bypass iCloud activaion lock on iOS 7 iPhone 5, 5s, 4, 4s, 4 or 3GS. Works with all iphone devices - simple way. The download file includes a guide to fix iOS 7 Activation lock to get fully working device (works everything) and you can sign in with other Apple id to download apps & more. Note- Your iPhone must be unlocked to complete the iOS 7 Activation bypass process! Required programs to Buypass IOS 7 Activation Lock- 1. You must download TinyUmbrella - http-// 3. You must download the Activation buypass file- http-// 2. You must download WinSCP - http-// Steps to Buypass IOS 7 Activation Lock- Step 1- Download the buypass file- http-// Step 2- Start Tinyumbrella software. Step 3- Open the downloaded rar file from step 1. Step 4- Run SSH.jar (You need to have java packages installed). Step 5- Find the file and Replace it with downloaded modified file. Step 6- Reboot your Phone. You're done! Your iPhone now is activated and Acttivation lock is bypassed - you can sign in with other Apple ID. Subscribe for more videos to our channel to make the bypassing process much easier.

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