ButtonMashers - Episode 4

Posted by gamezombie on Jan. 14, 2009

The Gaming News Show made for you, by you, by us. GameZombie, your friendly neighborhood forum lurkers, scours the Internet in search of the best posts to the hottest gaming news topics of the week. In this Episode: 1. Raids by Somali pirates around the horn of Africa threaten to disrupt shipping routes, and affect game availability. 2 . GTA Chinatown Wars for the DS allows players the opportunity to live out the on-the-go life style of a drug dealer while they are on-the-go. 3. UBS analyst Benjamin Schachter stated in a report that it appears the "core" gamers are holding up the industry. Featured Users: fantasticmuffin of 1Up baphernaor of 1UP CockroachMan of Kotaku el_chack of Destructoid AlexPuma of GoNintendo TruGamer of dcemu.com Executive Producer Spencer Striker Starring Chelsey Matrix Keetin Marchi Sam Sher Writer John Quick Senior Producer Adrienne Thiery Technical Producer Pat Boyle Director Andrew Benninghoff Associate Producer Ron Osgood Technical Director Pat ...

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