ButtonMashers - Episode 2

Posted by gamezombie on Nov. 24, 2008

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GameZombie, your friendly neighborhood forum lurkers, scours the Internet in search of the best posts to the hottest gaming news topics of the week. In this Episode: 1. Starcraft 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Blizzards hit game, has a lot to live up to. 2. Valves Steam Cloud continues the company's innovative reputation by providing the ability to save all of your personal settings on an outside server. 3. A study out of Iowa State claims that playing violent video games increases aggression. Featured Users: AtTheGates213 of 1up Dark_Jedi_Dave of 1up Terdog of Gamespot Limezor of Joystiq RubyMars of GoNintendo The-Excel of Destructoid doubtful of Kotaku Executive Producer: Spencer Striker Starring: Chelsey Matrix, Keetin Marchi, Sam Sher Writer: John Quick Senior Producer: Adrienne Thiery Technical Producer: Pat Boyle Director: Andrew Benninghoff Associate Producer: Ron Osgood Technical Director: Ben McGill Audio: Chris Bates, Austin Reedy Original Score: Chris Bates With 'Burning Up the ...

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