ButtonMashers - Episode 2

Posted by gamezombie on Nov. 24, 2008

GameZombie, your friendly neighborhood forum lurkers, scours the Internet in search of the best posts to the hottest gaming news topics of the week. In this Episode: 1. Starcraft 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Blizzards hit game, has a lot to live up to. 2. Valves Steam Cloud continues the company's innovative reputation by providing the ability to save all of your personal settings on an outside server. 3. A study out of Iowa State claims that playing violent video games increases aggression. Featured Users: AtTheGates213 of 1up Dark_Jedi_Dave of 1up Terdog of Gamespot Limezor of Joystiq RubyMars of GoNintendo The-Excel of Destructoid doubtful of Kotaku Executive Producer: Spencer Striker Starring: Chelsey Matrix, Keetin Marchi, Sam Sher Writer: John Quick Senior Producer: Adrienne Thiery Technical Producer: Pat Boyle Director: Andrew Benninghoff Associate Producer: Ron Osgood Technical Director: Ben McGill Audio: Chris Bates, Austin Reedy Original Score: Chris Bates With 'Burning Up the ...

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