Butchart Gardens Fireworks Across the Water. HD

Posted by KarlJohanson on Sep. 05, 2010

A view of the Butchart Gardens Saturday night fireworks. My wife Stephanie and her sister Wendy and I decided to see how good of a view we could get of the fireworks from a beach in Brentwood Bay. A hill blocked our view of the lowest fireworks, but we had quite a good view of the higher ones. The light reflecting off the ocean made for quite an interesting effect. With some of the brighter fireworks you can see some boats Silhouetted on the water. There were dozens of boats parked out in the water to watch the show. There were a few yahoo boaters who came in full speed in the dark at the last minute. If Id had my wet suit with me I might have floated in the water to watch the show, but I doubt it would have been safe with so many boats in the area and only my black hood sticking out of the water. Victoria BC. September 4, 2010.

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