Business News - Cyber Monday and FaceBook's World Domination

Posted by getthedaily on Dec. 04, 2008

Cyber Monday, the digital equivalent of Black Friday, took place this week as many online retailers offered huge discounts on popular consumer goods. The media has reported gloomy projections for retail sales for the season, even though Black Friday turned out to be a huge success this year, leading many analysts to wonder if the large amount of articles written about poor retail sales could turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. NBC seems to be having a bit of trouble selling their remaining Super Bowl ad slots. The network announced in September that they had already sold 85 percent of the very expensive 30 second spots, but as of now, the Peacock has not been able to sell the remaining 8 slots. Companies hit hard by the economic crisis who have not purchased Super Bowl Ads include GM, FedEx, Chrysler, and Ford. Turning to video games, Sumner Redstone sold off 87 percent of Midway Games to Mark Thomas. Redstone made the sale to help alleviate National Amusement's 1.6 billion dollar debt. Facebook ...

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