BURNcast.TV Home Videos: Devil Burn

Posted by BURNcast on Jul. 23, 2009

The devil is trying to draft all of our souls to fight God and His angels, so I figured its high time we got rid of that chronic asshole! I picked up a roll of chickenwire and some vano to papier mache him with incendiary entrails. Since the devil came from the bible, I used a bible for the skin. I brought a few dozen, but it only took one bible to make the life-sized demon and his 8 foot tall pitchfork. He lived all week on the playa, facing the Man with a mirror, and then we burned him on Friday night to clear the way for the weekend. Construction NotesPapier Mache on the playa is a moop management challenge, but its a great activity for passersby that want to contribute a few strips to the project. By the time he was done, my friend DaPete, my buddy Scott, and a host of new friends had all relaxed in the morning shade to run their fingers through the gooey wonder of vano and water. I used different chapter pages for his various parts: Deutronomy and Numbers (the law) were his pitchfork. ...

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