Burma Constitutional Conference (Discussion 6)

Posted by MyoThein on Feb. 07, 2010

Pressure on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will be imposed until it declares Burmas 2008 Constitution as null and void. It is reasonable to request the nullification of the 2008 Constitution by the UN Security Council. Precedence for such a move can be found in UNSC Resolution 554 regarding South Africas 1983 apartheid-entrenching constitution. UNSC declares that the so-called new constitution is contrary to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, that the results of the referendum of 2 November 1983 are of no validity whatsoever and that the enforcement of the new constitution will further aggravate the already explosive situation prevailing inside apartheid South Africa. UNSC strongly rejects and declares as null and void the so-called new constitution and the elections to be organized in the current month of August for the coloured people and people of Asian origin as well as all insidious manoeuvres by the racist minority regime of South Africa further to entrench white minorit

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