Bullying needs to STOP!!! So sad must see

Posted by Sabrina-Watterway-714 on Aug. 11, 2012

I did this video not for the views, this is my opinion on bullying and how i feel about it. My friend mike that my cousin was friends with as well, has actually done suicide because of what someone has said to him online, i was crying in tears and till to this day Im upset because he was my best friend. People who are bullys have nothing better to do than to make someone feel bad about themselves, but the truth is that there just upset from themselves taking it out on others, please everyone please stop BULLYING its very traumatizing to see what words can cause people to do, please forward this video to help stop bullys from counttinuing on what there doing. I hope this video made you all understand that words are like scars that never go away, please STOP the hate. R.I.P Mike; 3-24-11

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