BufoCraft Hovercraft hovering on river

Posted by bufocraft on May. 08, 2010

Link to www.bufocraft.net . Piloting BUFOcraft hovercraft on river Krka, in Slovenia, EU near Novo mesto. Hovercraft - ultimate amphibian air cushion vehicle. BUFO Hovercraft is 2 person high performance hovercraft designed for people who want more than other recreational hovercrafts on market can offer. BUFO Hovercraft is recreational hovercraft with racing hovercraft capabilities. BUFO Hovercraft is amphibian air cushion vehicle, designed to operate in hard conditions anywhere,... on water, land, snow, ice, white water, grass, lakes,... BUFO Hovercraft is ideal for personal use, hunting, fishing and for hire hovercraft - rent a hovercraft business, for hovercraft racing as well in class F2 and F50.

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