Budget Friendly, Nutritious Solution for Family Meals

Posted by Medialink on Oct. 19, 2009

In Tough Economic Times, Pasta is a Low-Cost, Nutritious and Delicious OptionAs consumers nationwide are squeezed by both the recession and the biggest spike in food prices in 20 years, they are searching for budget-friendly ways to feed their families without sacrificing any of the nutrition. Theres a simple solution to help feed the family and pad the wallet: pasta. Not only is pasta one of the most affordable foods available, its versatility makes it easy to create a different, nutritious meal every day of the week. The average price of a one pound box of pasta -- enough to feed a family of four -- is $1.33. Including additional ingredients such as sauce, the approximate cost of a pasta meal for the whole family is $3.33 -- just 83 cents per serving.Pasta also provides healthful benefits. Its carbohydrates are an essential fuel for the body and brain. Enriched pastas contain essential nutrients including folic acid, iron and B-vitamins. And, in one serving, whole wheat pastas can provide up ...

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