BS Ode to Zelda fangame.

Posted by KiddoCabbusses on Sep. 15, 2012

Biebersofts first Zelda fangame, and of course a very early Zelda fangame in general. (No relation to the Satellaview, unless the BS Ode to Zelda name is purposely meant to invoke that.) Man, this was quite the doozy trying to find! In fact, I still technically didnt find the version I wanted... Whats on here is the Vitalize! Plugin version of Ode to Zelda which was on Biebersoft.coms website for a time. Web Archive has it stored up... http-// To play this, you need to install Vitalize from Clickteams website, then open it in Internet Explorer. http-// ... Yep. Retired Products. Wooohhh nelly. IF ANYONE HAS THE EXECUTABLE/KLIK N PLAY SOURCE CODE FOR THIS IT WOULD BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED, THANK YOU.

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