Brown Eyed Girl

Posted by Reedy189 on May. 24, 2010

I Love You Ashley!!.....Hey Brown Eyed Girl Over there,The one thats saved my life a fare, few times,You have no idea,How much you mean to me my dear,I know times are getting hard,but Ill be there soon to look up at the stars, with you...Baby...I swear to you Ill be there, baby,I promise you, Ill come for you, baby,Im sorry Im not there right now,but listen to this song without a doubt,Ill walk the whole entire world,So I can be with my brown eyed girl,thats you...Hey Brown Eyed Girl Im Yours,Together were open lifes doors,baby, you have no clue,Just how much I want to marry you,and I cant wait,Just to be with you,and Id say...Baby, I Love You,and I will for all of time,Baby, I need you,forever, for all my life,Brown Eyed Girl, Brown eyed girl,our love is so strong,Brown Eyed Girl, your my world,were be together forever long,on and on

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