Brothers Barbarian - Episode 1 Meet the Barbarians

Posted by Ken-Whitman-638 on Aug. 21, 2011

A pair of teenage barbarian brothers who have been turned into middle-aged men by an evil witchs spell, set out on a quest to restore their lost youth. Note- Several of the credits were cropped off. Here they are- -- Cast -- Kelsey Shannahan... Knight Page Shannon Kaufman Judd... Sleeping Barmaid #1 -- Crew -- Steadicam Operator- Preston Nair Remastering Engineer- Ricardo Rodrigues Location Sound/Boom Operator/Camera Op- Jonathan Vanderford Costumes /Props- Jessica Matthews, Summer Cole, Savannah Cole Animal Handler- Glenda Neafus Still Photography- Ed Kramer, Joshua Lewis

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Tags rpg, barbarians

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