Brooklyn residents angry over local teen shot dead by NYPD

Posted by grimghost on Mar. 15, 2013

People in Brooklyn, New York, express their anger on the streets over local teen Kimani Gray being shot dead by police. DURATION- 1-31 New York police shot dead 16-year-old African American Kimani Gray late Saturday night on a Brooklyn street. Officers involved in the shooting and some witnesses say Gray was brandishing a weapon, while others who were present say there was no gun. The event sparked outrage among members of the local community. Demonstrations began on Monday, and continue to take place, with heavy police presence and several arrests made. With more vigils and actions expected, locals say there will be no calm until they see justice. The young people in our community have really reached a boiling point. And what you have seen is that it has tipped over, says Pastor Gilford Monrose, President of East Flatbush Clergy Council. He was a good kid. Just quiet, always by himself with his friends, he was never into any trouble, recalls local resident Natasha Parkin. People are angry. Peopl

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