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Posted by StolenCelebritycom1 on Jun. 08, 2009

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Finally pictures of Britney Spears nude! Ever since Britney Spears came out with Hit Me Baby One More Time I have dreamed about seeing her sweet, round, perky boobies in the nude. Now there are these amazing pictures of a slutty Britney Spears on a stripper pole totally naked except for some pasties on her nipples. I can die a happy man now that I have seen Britney Spears nude. I don’t know if there’s a god but seeing Britney Spears all wet and naked has certainly giving me a glimpse of heaven. That Kevin Federline really blew it because Britney Spears is one tight piece of ass.If you haven't seen Britney Spears naked yet then your missing out big time. Not only can the girl sing and dance but she looks good naked too. In this video she is posing topless at a strip club. Britt is holding on to a stripper pole while posing for the camera .

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