Breast, Bottle or Both?

Posted by Medialink on Dec. 01, 2009

Moms Want to Make an Informed ChoiceRED BANK, NJ - November 30, 2009 A national survey reveals the majority of mothers know breastfeeding is ideal for their babies and themselves but at the same time want the right to decide what works best for them and their families. The survey of mothers of children aged 12 months and younger found thatmost mothers (83%) made their infant feeding decision prior to going to the hospital to give birth. The vast majority (82%) breastfed at some point duringthe first year; however, over half of the moms changed their babys diet during the first year. Three out of four moms believe new mothers should receive information on breastfeeding as well as infant formula so they can make an informed choice. Most mothers agree infant formula provides flexibility and choice, as well as a means of supplementing breastfeeding. Mothers also reported barriers to breastfeeding included low breast milk supply, returning to work, and sore/cracked nipples. We need to provide more ...

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