Break Through The MATRIX (New House Music)

Posted by cipherkam on Oct. 02, 2010

Hot new funky House Music Video with a pro spiritual anti matrix message and telling you to leave the matrix behind and just dance! by Kamal Imani Kamal Imani (c)2010 Break Through the Matrix See the ones that are in so called control of everything Will do what they do But spiritually and metaphysically the good people are gonna break through In this fast pace rat race we must not fall victim to the diseases of individualism, egotism, nacisisism and gross materialism we must remember to return to the gardens equilibrialism and ancient communalism and we will break through the matrix We must remember to keep our spiritual energy on a very high frequency and visualize and work for a true peoples democracy and then and only then will we physically be free But for now lets forget about the daily grind leave our worries behind Dance and break through the matrix tonight were gonna get to the other side!

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