Break A Leg

Posted by prashantbhilare on Nov. 24, 2012

BREAK A LEG 2012 comedy short film language- Hindi with English subtitles writer, producer, director- Prashant Bhilare actors- Ramnath Tharwal, Sanjeev Kumar Bhargav, Sushil Sharma cameramen- Abhijeet Deo, Sujay Kumar editor- Sanjay Keni IMDb- http-// copyright- prashant bhilare, 2012 ================================================================ warning- BREAK A LEG is a motion picture made by and for and is a product and property of Prashant Bhilare Picture (Mumbai, India). the aforementioned motion picture is protected under the copyright act (1957) of India. no part or scene or any character appearing in the aforementioned motion picture shall be re-produced outside its banner by any professional or amateur filmmaker or any individual or group of people or any film student/ film school student or any film school. any such instances observed is liable for legal prosecution under the copyright act, 1957, of India. =========================================================

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