Brampton Battalion 2008-2009 Season Compilation

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 31, 2010

We here in Brampton just witnessed the best season in this teams short 11 year existence, however for those fans who have been here since day 1 in the fall of 1998 it has felt anything but short. And even for those of us who havent been here for the full 11 years (like yours truly) it was an amazing experience. So for one final time we take a look back at this team as a whole and i thought it would be nice to list every players name who played for this team this year, believe it or not it wasnt just all about Hodgson, Duchene, Grachev and mccollum. Alot of players made this amazing season happen, even the call ups they all did there part. Way to go boys what a great season. #1 Patrick Killeen (G) #2 Ken Peroff (D) #3 Kyle Pereira (D) #4 Ben Alavie (D) #5 Matt Clark (D) #6 Brad Albert (D) #7 Alexander Eriksson (D) #8 Cameron Wind (D) #9 Matt Duchene (C) #10 Matt Kang (LW) #10 Josh Shalla #11 Scott Tanski (RW) #12 Criag Moore (LW) #14 Thomas Stajan (C) #15 Evgeny Grachev (LW) #16 Sam Carrick (C) #17 Jason Dale

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