Brain Training For Defeating Procrastination Part 03 of 06 Cogni

Posted by MentalFitness on Nov. 28, 2010

http-// presents Brain Training For Defeating Procrastination - Part 03 of a Six-Part Series in which we continue our discussion on the ACTUAL CHARACTERISTICS AND PROCESSES of the problem that is procrastination, as well as provide you with an effective technique to pull you out of any unproductive mental pattern and put you back on the path of forward progress. FACT- WITH A SIMPLE QUESTION, YOU MIGHT JUST MAKE THE FIRST POWERFUL STEP TO CHANGE YOUR DESTINY! You may be stunned to discover that PROCRASTINATION IS DESIGNED TO USE ITS OWN CHARACTERISTICS AGAINST ITSELF TO DEFEAT IT! Be sure to check out the other five videos in this totally complete brain training series.

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