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Posted by Frederator on Mar. 03, 2009

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Take Me Submitted by Anton Bogoty She Farted and Created the World Submitted by Scott Coello Kid606 - The Illness Submitted by Joel Trussell??I want my Channel Frederator!  Welcome to another episode of Channel Frederator where we keep playing the hits, moondoggers, so let's get it going!  First up, we have Take Me, a music video directed by Anton Bogaty.  We're going to bring it back a little with a cool little number called "She Farted and Created the World" made frm all discarded paper found on the streets.  And to wrap up the Fredbot show, we're kicking it up with some Kid696 with The Illness, directed by Joel Trussell.The Fredbot is joining hte dating scene, girls and boys, and he's hitting up the internets to find himself a swingcat.  Give him a call or leave him a comment telling him which online lonely-heart he should ask out for a malted.  888-414-8148 channel frederator loves you, but it is explicit and not necessarily for kids.  Today's episode might not be suitible for ...

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