Boondock Connection - Gimmi A Job (Explicit)

Posted by Jim-Screech-543 on Jan. 16, 2013

Gimmi A Job was composed with the global economy in mind. With populations at their highest levels ever and as we tackle the worst recession in decades, many still face one of the biggest challenges of their lives each day. Whether it be that you are seeking employment because you currently have none or that you are seeking new employment because you are now overworked and underpaid, this song was written with you in mind. The song begins by expressing the frustration caused by the global recession but ends with the expression of hope and a declaration of resiliency. Regardless of how bad things get, we survive. As demotivated, frustrated and depressed as we get, we refuse to give up. So we keep trying, we keep believing, we keep searching, we keep applying and we keep dreaming. We dare to keep demanding...Gimmi A JOB!

Categories Pop Culture

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