Posted by pdv227 on Aug. 12, 2009

After a summer of glitz and excess, National Lampoon reminds you to reflect on the spiritual side of life. For more boom boom, visit http-// (Benedict Yo) x 4 Boom Boom Boom x 8 Yo, I got a message for the youth I got some spiritual truths And Im down with yall More than Pope John Paul JP is the dead one Pope Bs a lot more fun I am a Boom Boom Pope How my beat bang Boom Boom Pope I am the Boom Boom Pope My church is really dope Obama calls me B-16 I got more power than the Queen Catholic 3008 No more 2000 and late Its got that Boom Boom Boom That future Boom Boom Boom Come and give it to me Boom Boom Boom x 8 Im here and everythings cooler The churchs flyest ruler When I come back from my jeweler Bishops go Ape shit uh Yall think Kanyes rich? Uh-uh Kanyes a little bitch His ride is no big deal I got the Pope-Mobile Im the Pope and Im the man Living large in the Vatican Harder, Faster, Better, German Sexy ladies like my sermon cuz Im Pope Benjamin I got the Benj

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