Book Trailer: The Lucifer Code by Charles Brokaw

Posted by torbooks on Aug. 30, 2010

An ancient manuscript has remained concealed for centuries—within its pages lies the key to the most unholy secret known to mankind. A sacred brotherhood has sworn, generation after generation, to protect this terrifying truth from those who would use it to unleash doomsday upon mankind. When the unthinkable happens, and the holy scroll is uncovered, the race is on to reveal the true meaning of the cryptic language. Only one man, Dr. Thomas Lourds, the worlds foremost scholar of ancient languages, who we first met in the bestselling novel The Atlantis Code, can safely decipher this most deadly scripture. Lourds soon becomes the bait in the most lethal manhunt -- knowing he must confront the true face of evil if the world is to be saved...

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