Posted by PrinceHenryStout on Feb. 07, 2013

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Are these boobies real or fake? Answer: who the hell cares? Were talking boobies here, and lots of them. Imagine you were watching an incredibly engaging and thought-provoking discussion on late Cold War political upheavals. Its a rousing dialectic that makes you feel better for hearing it. This video is just like that, only much cooler and focusing on boob implants. Very hot boobies, to be precise. You may have to watch the video several times to really get the full effect of their rousing discussion. The third addition to the group really has a lot of interesting boobs, I mean, ideas and personal beliefs. In fact, doesnt all of this breast fondling really just sort of engender a certain friendly dialectic about how the small differences in our personalities and bodies can highlight our inherent similarity? Alright, fine, you dont have to think about all that stuff, just enjoy the boobs. Excuse me for trying to make the internet a little more intellectually stimulating.

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