Bombing The Holy Land

Posted by uniquestnickname on Oct. 16, 2010

Bombing The Holy Land is a skateboarding mock documentary series said to premiere in Fall 2011. In the summer of 2009, twenty-one year old up and coming skateboarder Jon Cohen was flown out to Israel by the company he rides for to star in a video journal documenting the Israeli skate scene and to explore new skate terrain. But when the freelanced videographer Andrew Sax, 21, arrives, it seems he might have a couple agendas all his own. Andrew, also being a majoring psycho behaviorist, has a very vested interest in Jon’s nervous tics, and applies his “knowledge” of psycho therapy to aid Jon with his inner demons. But is Andrew’s main goal really to explore the connections between extreme culture and neurosis and to document great skateboarding in the process, or is his own deeply troubled psyche(Which includes a severely impaired depth perception) merely looking to gain a much desired best friend in Jon?

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