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Posted by Mappn on Jan. 11, 2010

Creatively combined story, aesthetic, mechanic and technology together,bobobua provides two play modes, story and action. Within the story mode, the game follows a love story between a meatball, Bobo, and his girlfriend Bua. Bua is swallowed up by a hungry and heartless human, and Bobo needs to rescue his only love by plunging into the humans body to try and save her.The action mode is solely challenge-oriented, where the players goal is to obtain the most points.The game play of BoboBua is quite simple: players essentially use the noodle as a spring in order to move the meatball. Furthermore, the noodle can be balanced by tilting the actual device from left to right. As part of the game play, the meatball, Bobo, needs to keep eating in order to maintain his strength and last the entire journey, while making sure to avoid harmful bacteria that may come his way.

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