Bloody Shovel (A Film by Fernando Gomez & Benito)

Posted by Fermph on Jul. 19, 2009

Bloody Shovel tells the story of John, a man who finds himself in the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse. With no one else by his side, does he have what it takes to survive?-Bloody Shovel is a short film that me and some of my friends made a few months ago for school. As you can tell, it is very amateur. I think we ended up spending about $50-$60 on this. Youll notice some mistakes, like the sound of the ketchup bottle squirting out the blood and the hand of the person throwing the blood. Either way, I had fun making this, I hope you find a bit of enjoyment in this, and I cant wait to make another movie!Written & Directed by: Fernando GomezEditor & Reoccurring Zombie: BenitoJohn (Hero #1): AndrewHero #2: AurelioZombies: Benigno, Kevin, Brittany, Fernando, GemaMake Up: Gema

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