Blindfolded Makeup Challenge TAG

Posted by mba123abm321 on Jan. 02, 2013

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge TAG The challenge is to apply makeup to your girlfriend or boyfriend or whoever while blindfolded. You are all officially tagged! Which means you must complete this challenge to the best of your abilities and upload your results! Good luck! Playing with baby tigers!! http-// EggNog Challenge!! http-// 10 Best Pranks 2012 http-// Ghost Pepper Challenge!! http-// Trampoline Basketball Dunks!! http-// blindfolded makeup challenge makeup challenge makeup challenge blindfolded makeup challenge boyfriend makeup challenge tag makeup challenge this week makeup tag boyfriend makeup tag videos blindfolded makeup tag blindfolded makeup challenge blindfolded makeup blindfolded makeup challenge guy version funnymenow video funnymenow challenge funnymenow challenges to do at home music http-//beatsroyaltyfree.

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