BlendTec Makes exploding snowman

Posted by AlanUltraSlo on Apr. 10, 2010

When we wanted to blow up a snowman to say good bye to winter we turned to our BlendTec and made our own snow. Watch the ice get smashed by the blades. Then say good bye to winter with us and watch bob blow up with a quick explosion. His head floats and his buttons fly over the camera. It is all shot @ 10,000 FPS. GOOD NEWS NOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD MOST OF YOUR FAVORATE ULTRASLO CLIPS ON YOUTUBE. This will help us produce more clips for your viewing pleasure. Dont forget we read comments, appreciate ratings, welcome subscribers, and encourage sharing of our channel. Please pass the channel to your friends and post links on sharing sites. Thank you and enjoy

Categories Pop Culture

Tags bomb, high, drink, explode, cell, phone, will, crush, slow, motion, apple, warp, bob, phantom, download, cone, frosty, blackberry, pda, nac, blend, blendtec, iphone, photron, smoothy, ultraslo

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