Blackjack Part 3: Telegraph Continues Propaganda Piece, Concent

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

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Thursday, Feb 5th, 2009 The London Telegraph is continuing to run a crude propaganda piece in its arts and culture section that depicts nuclear attacks on major cities, the formation of a world government, and a police state crackdown on citizens complete with concentration camps and the implementation of martial law. As we revealed in our original article, the first installment of the gallery entitled Operation Blackjack featured on a section of the Telegraph website dedicated to art, culture, film and music but seemingly held no artistic credence whatsoever, comprising merely of a series of crude pictures designed to instill fear into the viewer. Part 2, which we covered in a second article, cannot even be considered to have a plot, it just shows a series of major cities being nuked and then amateurish photo-shopped images of Nazi-style symbols on flags and police uniforms. Now a third installment of the baffling piece depicts the fallout of nuclear attacks on London, New York City, Washington DC, Toronto,

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