Blackhawks Keys To The City- Ministry and Co-Conspirators

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jun. 02, 2010

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Vancouver fans are welcomed but not respected. same for Wings Jackets Blues Preds and Flames fans VIEW DESCRIPTION!!! A video of the Chicago Blackhawks and their players. song is their theme song - created at i dont own any part of this video except the time needed to create the video. all credit goes to the band, the Blackhawks organization and the NHL if you want a MP3 of it heres how you can do it. google has a free donwload called any video converter. after you download it, open it. there is a button on the top of the window that says youtube. press it. now go to the internet and find the song and copy the URL into the box that appears in the program. on the right side bar, press the arrow and press MP3 in the audio section. press convert and it will convert the file into an MP3. this is all free cuz i made a shit ton of mixed CDs for my PS3. hope this helps if you need more help, just ask I have a account for if you want to chat and shit, my username is army88strong

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