Black Spring Break 2011 Biloxi,Ms

BILOXI -- A spring-break party Saturday spilled over to the beach, from the Coast Coliseum to Edgewater Mall, as thousands of young adults lined the boardwalk and mingled while hundreds of motorists at times were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.Traffic wasn’t severely congested the entire time, but was heavy enough in Biloxi for Gulfport police to temporarily close DeBuys Road and divert westbound traffic north on Cowan Road. About 9:15 p.m. Biloxi police enacted their full-venting plan by sending all eastbound traffic to Interstate 110. Fewer than 1,000 participants paid admission to the Coliseum grounds Saturday to attend the Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Break. Meanwhile, thousands of others leisurely strolled the beach, grilled food and mingled as far west of the Coliseum as the eye could see. Some young women were in bikinis and high heels; others shed their shoes as the night wore on. Keith Brown, a promoter from Pascagoula, offered a lineup of 44 acts in 48 hours for the two-day spring break. B