BITCH SLAP teaser trailer

3 Bad Girls, 1 Desert, 1 Supercharged Thunderbird, 1,473 Exotic Weapons, 1 Ruthless Crimelord, $206 Million in Stolen Goods, A Cop Who May Not be a Cop, Hundreds More Cops who are Cops (Maybe…), 317 Mercenaries, A Pair of Mentally-Challenged Contract Killers, 1 Device That Could Snuff Out Life on Earth, Impromptu Wet T-Shirt Spectaculars, Existential String Theory, Several Pairs of “Pouty Puss” Underwear, Girl on Girl… On Girl… On Girl Fighting, Nasty Nuns, Circus Freaks, A Sword-Wielding Psychopath, Elvis Impersonators, 1 Creepy Pre-Schooler, Hot Women in Bars, Hotter Women Behind Bars, 4 Psychotropic Drug Trips, A Cavalcade of Horny Strippers, Ferrari vs. Porsche vs. Yugo, Deadly Sex Toys, Feral Feminists in G-Strings, Savage Bikini Waxing, One Badass Hearse, The Department of Homeland Security, Vegas Porn Stars, A Spirited Round of Honduran Snuff Sex, Intercontinental Intrigue, Death and Dismemberment, Celebrity Cameos, One Pissed Off Midget, The Greatest Chick Fight in Cinema History, Generous Scoops of M