Bio Bidet Review - BB 600

Posted by bidetsplus on May. 17, 2010 - Scene 1 -Hi, this is Jensen with bidetsPLUS and today we’ll be reviewing the BB 600 from Bio Bidet. We carry three models from Bio Bidet, this model, the BB 600, as well as the BB 800 and BB 1000. From the front, the BB 600 sits nice and square on the toilet. You can see it’s got a little notch in front of the lid which aids in getting the seat up.- Scene 2 -From the top, there is a raised profile in the middle of the lid, with a recessed profile around the edges. You can see the grey bar across the top which has the Bio Bidet logo centered in the middle. The control panel is easy to use with large, well displayed buttons that aren’t clustered too close together. It’s a very intuitive control panel which is one of themes you’ll see with Bio Bidet.- Scene 3 -The bidet works with a dual nozzle, single pocket system, with the two nozzles stacked on top of each other inside the unit. Here is the nozzle for posterior wash. And here is the other nozzle for frontal wash.

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