Biggest Penis Video - The Man with the Worlds Biggest Penis

Posted by fatawesome on Apr. 07, 2009

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This mans biggest endowment has become his biggest burden-the biggest penis in the world is also the biggest disappointment. Every day, this mans penis presents itself as the last thing hed really want. Jonah Falcon, another man of considerable penile girth, considers his a pretty big nuisance as well. The question is, though, is it really the motion in the ocean that women value in men? Is the median, the social average, really the optimal arrangement? A big penis like a tripod is one thing, but the biggest penis can present the biggest sense of resentment.The biggest penis video here is proof of Darwin's theory. Evolution has worked to endow this man with a penis capable of impregnated any woman on the planet. His large member requires constant attention and care. Mainly focusing on not getting blue balls which with a dick this big could easily put the man into incapacitating pain. Causing him to pass out from shock and possibly die. If that's not a pick up line i don't know what is.

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