Bigfoot Movie Trailer (The Long Way Home) down-and-out former MIAMI HERALD reporer d.j. galloway finds himself facedown at his favorite watering hole in Southbeach when, out of nowhere, flashing across the t.v. is a breaking story about bigfoot sightings in d.j.'s hometown of Indian Camp Mountain, N.C. In a moment of clarity, d.j. decides to pack it up, move home and report this story in an effort to resurrect his career, re-connect with his roots and potentially reveal the greatest news story ever. this full-legnth feature has it all: a bigfoot, of course, but also a character named "cornbread", a snake handler, a drag queen, hundreds of dead chickens, and real salt of the earth, southern locals who add a unique, gritty charm to a film you will be hard pressed to forget.