Big Rainstorm Heading to Toronto Ontario

Posted by frankieapril24 on Oct. 16, 2011

Big Rain Storm is Heading to Toronto Ontario This Week coming up and it will bring 50 MM of Rain in Greater Toronto Area and It will bring High Winds also and it is gonna to be a Big Storm in Toronto and It will Change into the Wet Snow and it will have a Big Snowstorm Too and This Week People in Toronto Wear your Rubber Boots, Rain Coat, Rain Pants, Hoods and Rain Suits too and High Winds can Break the Umbrella too and Cant Use your Umbrella During the High Winds in Greater Toronto Area This Week too and Not Just This Week But all the Big rain Storms in Greater Toronto Area too i like to Say Hi to Everyone to Toronto I like to Say Hi to everyone at 102.1 the Edge i like to say Hi to the Dean and Blundell show too.

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