BIG JUMP!!! 3D anaglyph video

Posted by maxnotis on Jun. 17, 2010

Extreme sledding in 3d also filmed with a high speed camera.anaglyph 3d video movie red cyan.This video you need a pair of red and cyan (blue) 3d glasses cyan is a light blue.without 3d glass you wont get you the full stereoscopic three dimension movie effect .this anaglyph video was made with two video cameras side by side on a wood mount . about this video this is a video of a half pipe and a jump i made out of snow so i can hit the half pipe or jump with my sled.the hill that i pick up speed is a 15 foot high gauge.that i put about 6 inches of the edge of the roof i piled a 6 ft high slope the at the after i pick up speed off the gauge i have a 3 ft jump and a 10 ft high half pipe. after spaying water all over the roof i sled off and jump 18 feet!!! this is in 3d and also is high speed slow motion you need red and cyan (blue) 3d glasses to watch to get the full anaglyph effect.

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